Dream Academy

Enough about Pink Floyd, for now, then. Back to how things used to be before everyone got carried away. October’s a long way off yet.

I’m really looking forward to this one and hope you are, too.

The Morning Lasted All Day: A Retrospective from The Dream Academy, is an anthology of their best-known songs with some rarities, lost tracks, previously unreleased tunes (two of which feature our very own David), and even a new recording – ‘The Sunrising’ – thrown in for good measure.

The double album takes its title, maybe you spotted already, from a lyric in the trio’s debut hit single, ‘Life In a Northern Town’, which I expect you’ll already know that David co-produced back in the day. Since then, the very lovely Nick Laird-Clowes, Dream Academy’s singer-songwriter/guitarist, has more than returned the favour to his good friend by way of many a modest and mysterious contribution, most notably to The Division Bell.

Remastered by Nick, there are 24 tunes across two CDs. David plays guitar on two of the previously unreleased tracks – ‘Living In a War’ and ‘The Chosen Few’, on which he also plays slide guitar. The album features the unreleased instrumental, ‘Power to Believe’ (from 1987′s cult film, Planes, Trains and Automobiles); the rare B-side, ‘Girl In a Million’; long-lost 12-inch track, ‘The Demonstration’, and ‘The Last Day of the War’, once lost but thankfully since found.

Other contributions are from Johnny Marr, Lindsey Buckingham, Poly Styrene (of X-Ray Spex) and J.D. Souther.

Nick Laird-Clowes, with multi-instrumentalist Kate St. John (piano/accordion/saxophone) and keyboardist Gilbert Gabriel, only recorded three albums between 1985 and 1990, so don’t miss this.

Available from all good music sellers, as well as the rubbish ones if you ask nicely, from 29 July, you can pre-order it here for your maximum convenience. Don’t say we don’t give you anything here.