First thoughts

Pink Floyd’s The Endless River is released in some parts of the world today, you lucky so-and-so’s, so here’s a little white space for you to fill by adding your thoughts on hearing it all the way through for the very first time, if you would be so kind as to share them.

For the rest of us, willing the hours away until it becomes available on Monday and Tuesday of next week, feel free to share your coping mechanisms for managing impatience. Don’t suppress your emotions or suffer in silence; let go of frustration, bid farewell to any anxious feelings you have, calm your mind and use your time positively instead. May this blog, for this weekend only, be your journal.

Seriously, we’ve waited twenty years for this album, don’t forget, so you know you have the strength to hang on just a wee bit longer.

Have a lovely weekend, all. Happy listening.